Tips to Help Conserve Water

The Denver Metro Area is still in a drought. These drought conditions can impact your lawn and garden care and maintenance. In fact, often when in a drought the city or county will impose rules for when and how often you can water your lawn and garden. Lawn and Tree Solutions by Growing Green would like to offer some tips as to how to conserve water in other ways during a drought. These tips, along with following the rules in place for watering your lawn and garden in your area when in drought, will help lessen the impact of the drought in your area.

In this blog we will start with simple things you can do to conserve water indoors. Did you know that about 75% of all household water usage occurs in the bathroom? For this reason, we will start with how to conserve and waste less water in the bathroom first. Many of these tips may seem quite simple and like they would not make that big of an impact. And while that may be true, when combined with all the tips and with every member in your household practicing them, they can make a bigger impact that you would imagine.

Our first tip is one I learned a long time ago and continue to practice til this day—turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth. If you brush your teeth for the dentist recommended length of two minutes twice a day without turning off the facet while you brush, that is four minutes of continual waste of water. Multiply that number four, by however many people are in your household and you can see how this simple act can make a difference. This waste of water from leaving the tap on while brushing your teeth is very easily avoidable simply by turning off the facet and using it only when needed.

The next way to save water in the bathroom is to take showers versus a bath. Did you know that filling a bathtub up just half full takes around fifty gallons of water? Whoa! So when possible, takes showers. Then, take shorter and even less frequent showers. Though I know the latter idea may not make some happy, so at a minimum, Lawn and Tree Solutions by Growing Green recommends limiting your shower time to five minutes. You could use a timer to see how longer your showers actually are. The timer can also alert you to when your five minutes is up and it is time to finish up and shut of the water.

When in a drought like the Denver Metro Area is currently in, it is important to save and conserve water whenever and wherever we can. By following the rules set forth by your area for watering your lawn and garden you are helping to conserve water when it is needed most. By following these other tips on how to conserve water in your bathroom you are helping out even more. For more tips on how best to water your lawn and garden in a drought, check out Lawn and Tree Solutions by Growing Green.
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