A Brief Exploration of the Japanese Beetle Part II

In our last blog we discussed the Japanese beetle and how the nasty pest came to be in Colorado. We discussed a few things that Lawn and Tree Solutions by Growing Green suggests you can do to help your lawn and garden thrive even with these pesky bugs. This blog aims to continue with those solutions. 

First off, it is best to accept that dealing with the Japanese beetle is going to be an ongoing thing. Unfortunately, there is really no ‘one and done’ solution. Keeping your lawn and garden safe, healthy, and beautiful will be an effort in the face of these ornery buggers, but it is not impossible. But you will need to have the right attitude of upkeep and maintenance. And really, your garden in general will require this upkeep and maintenance anyway, now you just have one more thing to be aware of and notice each time you are taking care of your garden.

In reality, from the first time you spot a Japanese beetle in your garden, you will be managing them through to the fall in order to protect your beloved plants and flowers. Some time around September is when numbers of the beetles wane. Aside from moving to another state in which the Japanese beetle has not yet discovered, there is no one ‘fix all’ solution.

It is best that you have a plan as to how to manage these invasive little creatures and stick to that plan. You have to think about adult stage Japanese beetles as well larvae and eggs. These eggs can be a concern for the following year. The adult beetles feed on flowers, fruits, and foliage, while the larvae and eggs prefer grass roots. Both are damaging for plants and both need a plan of action. 

While you do have the choice to do nothing and see how much havoc these little invaders wreak, Lawn and Tree Solutions by Growing Green really does not recommend this option. You will likely just end up complaining a lot as the amount of damage you observe in your garden continues to astound you daily. Your neighbors and others around will get tired quickly. Besides, you are in your garden anyway, might as well take some actions toward ridding your garden of the unwelcome guests.

So, if your choice is to do something rather than nothing, I’ll refresh you on the number one thing you can do that we mentioned in our last blog. The first and easiest and possibly the most satisfying thing you can do is to kill the little buggers. While you are doing your daily watering and feeding, have a keen eye to the fruit, flowers, and leaves of your plants. When you see a violator, pick it off and pluck it in a bucket of soapy water. They will drown a slow, painful death as penitence for their destruction. Good riddance! It is best to do this morning and night when they are more active.

While it will be a constant battle, it is one you can at least maintain and keep your garden and lawn looking beautiful. For all your garden and lawn care needs, check out Lawn and Tree Solutions by Growing Green today. 
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