Here’s how to care for your Denver trees this fall

August 21, 2019

Fall is quickly approaching - just weeks away in fact! Cooling temperatures result in different landscaping needs, particularly for your Denver tree. However, you’re in luck! Our three tree tips are some of the easiest things for you to implement, and the best thing is they are cost effective. 

Mulch not only adds beautiful curb appeal to your lawn, it can help your trees grow strong and tall during the fall. The addition of two-inches deep of mulch will help to give the roots of your tree protection, and it’ll help retain moisture. Have you seen water running off the tree and away from the roots? Mulch will help to retain the water around the base of the tree, and ensure your tree gets the moisture it needs to continue growth year-round. 

Just because hot temperatures have disappeared doesn't mean it's less important to water your trees. Trees need water year-round, and it’s important to keep watering throughout the fall, and even winter. Watering trees approximately 2-3 times per month would be ideal, as long as it’s a deep water. Deep-watering is just as it sounds, water the tree to ensure it receives 2-3 inches of moisture in the roots - which will require some of your time. If it has rained quite a bit during a particular month this fall, skip the watering. If the tree is brand new (less than two years), skip the previous recommendations and keep the mulch moist! 

Pruning trees can be overwhelming. How do you know what branches should be cut...and when? We would recommend pruning in the fall, but contacting the specialists first. If you prune incorrectly, it can harm your trees and make them more susceptible to colder temperatures or disease. 

If you don’t have a tree yet but are interested in planting one - fall is the best time. With cooling temperatures and mild weather, fall is a great time to plant the trees you’ve been wanting to add in your yard. If you are looking to purchase a tree, or have questions about care, remember we can always assist! 

When preparing your trees for the fall weather, it’s incredibly important that you take your time. No matter what, the good news is that you are always welcome to contact us at Growing Green, especially when it comes to tree and shrub care. At Growing Green, we can help you create the lawn of your dreams with healthy plants built to last. Contact us as soon as you can to make an appointment or to get a free quote! 

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