It’s never too early to prepare your Denver lawn for spring!

Yes, it’s cold outside. While it seems like spring is far off in the future, it is closer than you might think! We recommend planning ahead, not only for budgetary reasons but because there are several things you’ll need to do leading up to spring to help best prepare your lawn for the new plants, grass, or for your existing plants to thrive. Here are our X favorite tips.


Spring cleaning applies to more than just indoors, it applies to your yard as well! This does involve being outdoors to complete, but if it’s a non-snowy mild day, we recommend doing this throughout the season. You’ll need to spend time picking up twigs, trash, large rocks, etc., pretty much whatever accumulates during the winter months. Keeping your yard free of debris is the best way to ensure healthy growth, and a beautiful looking yard. 


Ever heard you should seed in the spring? While that’s true, most experts actually recommend waiting until the fall. The mild temperatures of the fall will help your grass grow at fast rates, and ensure it is lush and green. However, if you are noticing some bare spots in your yard this spring no worries - you should still do a light seeding. After you are done seeding, be sure to place some cover down (we recommend some dirt) but hay will work as well. Make sure when planting in the spring you do so early, so that you can enjoy mild temperatures. 


Very few enjoy mowing, but we promise it’s worth it! Mowing early and often is important to help grow your long as you leave the clippings on the yard. Lawn clippings are rich in nutrients, and can help your yard hold moisture better than a bare yard.


Speaking of maintaining moisture...mulch is going to be your best friend once spring is in full swing. Mulch is not only a beautiful addition to your landscaping, but it’s heavy weight and makeup will ensure it maintains as much moisture as possible. Now this is something you should definitely do closer to the warmer months, but we recommend starting to budget for this now. Mulch can get pricey - but it’s worth the cost.

At Growing Green, we are here to help you with any of your needs. From advising you on proper landscaping techniques, to helping you build and maintain a beautiful lawn/landscaping we are here to help. We also offer a number of services for the winter months - particularly when it comes to snow! This includes snow removal/plowing, and helping you plan for the spring months. Contact us as soon as you can to make an appointment or to get a free quote!
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