Caring for your Denver landscaping shrubs year around

October 28, 2021

While beautiful and simplistic, unfortunately, shrubs require a little extra love and attention throughout the warmer months of the year. However, they are still arguably some of the most low-maintenance and easy to care for plants around. We’ve compiled the THREE steps you need to do throughout the year to keep your shrubs fabulous. 

Step #1: A Good Haircut

Pruning is important to maintaining a shrub’s health year-round, but you do need to be careful of how you are pruning, and how much! It might seem a little intimidating, but pruning is how you can maintain a shrub’s shape and size. When pruning, be sure to use hand shears, loppers, or hedge shears - any of the three will work. Spring is typically the best time to prune, but as the temperatures begin to cool we recommend taking another look to make any “last minute” adjustments before the cold fronts and snow move in.

Step #2: Staying Hydrated

Shrubs should be watered weekly if it hasn’t rained during the first year of the plant’s life. If the plant is established, you should only check to be watered every other week. When watering, make sure you deep water the plants. It’s important to know that during the colder months you are not required to deep water or even water. As shrubs and plants move into the colder months, you will not have to worry about giving them water!

Step #3: A Nutritious Diet

Established shrubs (over one year) should be fed with fertilizer - anything younger should NOT be fed. We recommend following the directions on the package of whatever fertilizer you purchase, and consider feeding before the winter months hit. This will give your shrub a strong base to withstand the cold weather!

Step #4: Monitor

Throughout the year, make sure you not only monitor the moisture content of the soil/mulch surrounding the base of your shrub. It’s also important that you test the soil on a frequent basis to ensure that there are no deficiencies in the soil. Soil deficiencies can cause some pretty serious issues with the quality of plant growth.

At Growing Green, we are here to help you care for and maintain a beautiful lawn/landscaping. We offer a number of services during the winter months, including snow removal and planning for next spring!  Contact us as soon as you can to make an appointment or to get a free quote!

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