Ways to Avoid Weeds

October 13, 2021

From dandelions to the curly dock, weeds in your Denver lawn or garden can be a real nuisance for even the most seasoned gardener. At Growing Green, we know how frustrating keeping these invasive plants at bay can be and offer many services to help keep these noxious plants from spreading. Whether you are between lawn services or just looking for ways to avoid weeds from taking over your lawn, we have a few tips and tricks to help.

Take preventative measures  

The best defense is a good offense, and this is very true in the case of weed prevention. Although you may work tirelessly on your lawn or garden, weed seeds are everywhere. Luckily, only those seeds that receive enough light for germination will begin to grow. Because of this, there are a few ways to keep weed seeds away from the surface. A great option for gardens is mulching the areas between and around your shrubs and plants. While keeping the soil cool and moist, mulch will aid in blocking the light necessary for weeds to grow. If you chose this method, be sure to lay a thick layer of mulch, around 2 to 3 inches. This height will block out the light without depriving your plants of oxygen. Mulch can dry out, so we recommend refreshing this layer twice a year. Is mulch unavailable? Try cornmeal as a quick alternative. Cornmeal also stops germination but will need to be reapplied frequently.

Eradicate quickly  

Even with preventative measures, weeds are bound to creep up in your lawn and garden. As they poke through the soil, keep an eye on the weather. Weeds tend to be easier to pull after heavy rain. If you are unable to get the root, there are other options to rid the area of weeds safely and organically. If you do not want to disturb the rest of your garden by digging a stubborn root out, use a sharp knife with a narrow blade to slice through the base of these pesky plants without distressing the soil around it. If the weed is in an area that is difficult to pull, like cracks in your walkway, consider making an organic weed killer by mixing one tablespoon of dish soap with one gallon of vinegar. The acid in the vinegar will draw the moisture out of any plant, so be careful to only pour on weeds you want to go. For a quick fix, try pouring boiling water onto the weed and watch it wither away. As with most natural solutions, these remedies are effective but may take multiple applications.

Call Growing Green

If weeds are overtaking your lawn, consider calling our Growing Green experts for a free quote on the best services for you. Our experts are available to help you with landscaping projects and techniques, lawn care, tree and shrub maintenance, and organic weed control services. We also offer plenty of winter services including snow removal and plowing. Give our experts a call and set up your first appointment, today! 

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