Your go to Denver landscaping guide

September 14, 2021

Are you focused on your Denver landscaping right about now? With warmer weather, you might be noticing the fantastic landscaping of some of your neighbors, or perhaps some of the landscaping fails. To help you get your lawn ready for fall, and to be the talk of the block, we’ve compiled our five tips to the perfectly landscaped lawn!


A strong edging is essential in any landscaping design. Whether you purchase stone, steel, or decide to go the more natural route of edging your lawn, it’s important to have a clear boundary between your grass and your landscaped area. This will not only help differentiate the area, but increase your curb appeal.


This one is tricky. Plants need good soil to take root in. If you have bad’ll need to replace it with fresh, well draining, soil. This can be time intensive, but soil itself is cheap. Do yourself a favor, take the time to replace soil. It’ll save you big money when it comes to your plants.


Pick a great mulch color that compliments your home. While mulch is decorative, it also helps to maintain the soil and hold moisture. Mulch is especially important when you are just getting your plants established.


Groups of planting keep your landscaping looking full and well-maintained - even from a distance. When purchasing your plants, keep this in mind and purchase in groups of 3-5 (depending on the size of the plant).

Planning Ahead

Planning is important when it comes to landscaping. Not only can landscaping be expensive (which is why you should know your budget), but you should also consider things such as maintenance level and time commitment. If you don’t have the time to prune a rose bush, or time to water plants that need a lot of liquid, you probably shouldn’t purchase plants that are high maintenance. 

At Growing Green, we are here to help you care for and maintain a beautiful lawn/landscaping in Denver. We offer several services during the winter months, including snow removal and planning for next spring! Contact us as soon as you can to make an appointment or to get a free quote! 

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