What you should know about treating dog spots on your lawn

February 4, 2021

Although our four-legged friends bring us endless joy, they can sometimes have a negative impact on your Denver lawn. If you are noticing patches of ugly brown spots on your yard, it may be caused by pet urine burns. While this can be a bit of a nuisance, it is common and easily treatable. If you suspect your pet’s business is the brown spot culprit, check out our quick guide to understanding and treating these pesky spots, below!

What are dog spots?

While there can be a number of reasons your lawn is browning, determining if the damage has been caused by your canine companion may be easier than you think. Dog spots are typically brown areas that span 2 to 3 inches across, most often surrounded by healthy, green grass that may be a bit taller than the surrounding blades. Although not all dogs cause these spots, it is common to see them in areas where your pet has had a dense amount of urination.
Why does dog urine burn grass?

Because your canine eats a mostly carnivorous diet, they can have slightly acidic urine. While most turfgrass cannot handle too much acidity or alkalinity, the higher pH level may not be the sole cause of brown spots. Because your pet’s urine is composed mainly of nitrogen and salt, the high concentration of nitrogen in a small area may be too much for your turfgrass to handle. This additional nitrogen may also be the reason the outside of the dog spot grows more rapidly than the surrounding lawn. Because most turfgrass thrives in the correct level of nitrogen, this added boost to the outside circle allows it to grow faster rather than burn.

How can I treat dog spots?

Because stressed and dry lawns are more likely to be affected more severely by dog urine burns, there are a few preventative steps you can take. One of the easiest measures you can take is to train your pooch to do his or her business only on daily walks or in reserved areas of the yard. If you still notice brown spots occurring in those areas, be sure to water them deeply. This will help flush out the urine salts and enable the surrounding grass to fill in the area over time. However, if you find your dog spots becoming more severe and stubborn, it is time to try our Revive Dog Spot Treatment. This highly effective and natural treatment allows you the ability to fight dog spots, big or small.
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