Why you should invest in Denver snow removal this winter

September 21, 2020

With record breaking highs following record breaking lows, Colorado’s weather can be very unpredictable. Wet, heavy snow can cause downed tree limbs, power outages, and unsafe walkway conditions. With most cities in the Denver metro area requiring residents to clear sidewalks and driveways shortly after snowfall, it is extremely important to have a plan in place for snow removal. If you are considering investing in Denver snow removal services, take a look at some of the benefits of utilizing Growing Green’s snow removal services.

Save time and money

It is no secret that shoveling snow can be a timely and tedious process. Depending on the amount of snowfall and length of your driveway and sidewalks, clearing these areas can take hours. If temperatures are subzero, it can take even longer when including breaks. Although many Americans are currently working from home, snow shoveling can drastically disrupt the workday and commute. Purchasing a snowblower can be a great help in snow removal. However, they can be a bit pricey (around $400 on average), need regular maintenance, and still require the home or business owner to spend time in the cold. De-icing your walkways is equally important when considering snow removal. However, choosing to do this yourself will cost more money and time. By choosing Growing Green’s snow and ice removal services you waste none of your free time in frigid temperatures and you may even save money in the long run.

Prevent accidents and injuries

Accidents and injuries are common in the winter, especially on icy streets and walkways. In fact, each year around 11,500 Americans find themselves in the hospital due to various injuries, including heart attacks and broken bones, caused by removing snow. If you have small children or other family members that could be seriously injured in a slip-and-fall accident, it is extremely important to remove snow and de-ice walkways in a timely manner to keep everyone safe. This is especially important for business and property owners, as slip-and-fall lawsuits due to snow and ice can be extremely costly. Also, because of many local snow shoveling laws, not removing snow can result in fines starting at $150. 

Luckily, potential injuries, lawsuits, and fines can be avoided by hiring the experts at Growing Green. With 24-hour, full-service snow and ice removal, Growing Green is always available to help! With services including snow plowing, deicing, professional holiday lighting, and keeping your landscape healthy throughout the colder months, we are ready to serve you this winter and beyond! Contact one of our expert team members today to make an appointment or receive a free quote. 
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