The answer is a resounding NO!  The consensus opinion is that power raking is an outdated practice and often detrimental to the turf. I have seen the damage first hand! If your lawn has 1/2 inch or less of thatch then your in good shape.  Any more than that and a host of problems can occur. First of all, the root system can be growing in nothing but thatch and hardly even make contact with the soil. Secondly, excess thatch can be a breeding ground for insects and fungus. Thirdly,too much thatch will cut off air, light, water and even fertilizer from ever reaching the roots! Don't let this happen to you!

Instead of power raking you should mow your grass as short as possible without mowing the soil below. This must be done prior to spring green up or it will excessively stress the turf.  Be ready to "bail some hay"!  If this doesn't sound appealing then you still have a couple more options. Core aerate your lawn twice a year. This will bring soil and organic matter back to the surface and help the thatch decompose. Another option is to use organic based fertilizer which will have similar effects. Last, but not least, you can use Liquid Rake to help decompose your thatch.

Liquid Rake is an organic approach to minimize thatch. Unlike mechanical thatching which is invasive and damaging, Liquid Rake is a non-invasive alternative to keep your lawn strong and healthy. Three applications at 4 week intervals is all it takes, in most cases to control thatch. To be used in addition to a regularly scheduled fertilization program.

Happy Lawning! Jeff
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