We can stop that from ever happening! We use an amzing porduct called Specticle FLO. It is a pre-emergent that controls all major weeds with superior residual control of crabgrass, poa annua, annual sedge, and goosegrass. The residual activity of Specticle FLO lasts for up to 8 months!

Specticle FLO controls many annual grasses including crabgrass, goosegrass, annual bluegrass, annual sedges, and broadleaf weeds in turf, ornamentals (residential), hedgerows, hardscapes, Christmas trees, and conifers. Specticle FLO can be used only on established turf in areas including golf courses (roughs, tees, and fairways), sod farms, sports fields, lawns, both home and commercial, parks and cemeteries. Specticle FLO controls weeds by reducing the emergence of seedlings through inhibition of cellulose biosynthesis (CB Inhibitor). Necrosis or yellowing may be observed if the herbicide is applied to herbaceous tissue such as leaves and green stems of susceptible plants. Specticle FLO does not control tubers, rhizomes, bulbs, corms, existing rootstocks, and woody vegetation.

The herbicide needs to be activated prior to weed germination for most effective control. For maximum activity against germinating weeds, Specticle FLO requires rainfall or irrigation prior to weed germination. Contact us with questions or to schedule this service.
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