Four steps to prepare your Denver lawn for summer

April 9, 2020

Spring is here (well almost) and things are really taking off in your personal life. With plenty of responsibilities, and social plans pulling you out the door it can be really hard to take a breather to focus on your landscaping. Lucky for you, we have four of the best steps you can do to prepare your lawn for the summer ahead. 

General Maintenance
The first step in getting your lawn ready for the summer ahead is to focus on general maintenance. This includes gathering any twigs, branches, debris, etc., that have accumulated over the long winter season. Also be sure to pick up any necessary trash, and we even recommend putting away any landscaping tools you might have left out. Think of it as a clean slate. 

Even if it doesn't quite look like it’s ready, be sure to cut your grass. This will help it even out, and the grass clippings will promote healthy growth. In these warmer, early months,grass can grow faster. However, place your lawn mower on the highest setting. It’s important not to cut the lawn too short, as a 1-inch lawn is much more likely to hold moisture than anything higher than that.

This step seems counterproductive, but we promise it’ll help your lawn. You’ll need to be sure to aerate the lawn - which means hiring someone (or purchasing a machine) to poke holes in the lawn. Poking holes in your lawn through aeration will allow moisture to seep through to the roots of your lawn and encourage healthy growth.

While weeds mostly grow towards the end of the summer, it’s important that you prepare for this all summer. Properly fertilizing your lawn all summer, as well as composting, will help the grass to grow strong. Strong grass means that less weeds are likely to grow! It’ll make your life much easier in August if you’ve prepped all summer.

At Growing Green, we are here to help you care for and maintain a beautiful lawn/landscaping in Denver. We offer a number of services during the winter months, including snow removal and planning for next spring!  Contact us as soon as you can to make an appointment or to get a free quote! 
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