The “Ultimate PLUS+” Lawn Care Program

A Growing Green exclusive!

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This is an all inclusive lawn health care plan which (at a minimum) provides 5 organic based fertilizer applications that include weed control,  2 core aerations (spring and fall), round up in your turf and or mulch areas, 1 winter spider mite application and of course service with a smile! Bottom line is our techs have the discretion to do whatever it takes to fix your lawn at no additional charge! EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED!!!

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In addition, here are some very common lawn issues that we often encounter throughout the growing season and will proactively take care of, at no additional cost to you!

  • Bare Spots - No worries! We’ll powerseed the bare areas with a matching turf grass seed to ensure uniformity in color and texture. No additional cost
  • Poor Color - No worries! If the color of your lawn can be improved, we will apply an additional iron supplement to get that deep emerald green color you expect. No additional cost
  • Fungus - No worries! We will powerseed with a disease resistant turfgrass and apply fungicide to the damaged areas. No additional cost
  • Lawn Pests - No worries! We will apply insecticide in cases of damaging lawn insects like mites, grubs, army worms, sod webworms and billbugs. No additional cost
  • Tall Fescue - No worries! We will apply Tall Fescue Control
  • Dog Damage - Now Worries! We’ll give you a bottle of Revive dog spot treatment along with each fertilizer application. No additional cost

Proper cultural practices are a must in establishing a healthy, strong lawn. Mowing height, sharp mower blades and a consistent watering schedule has to be adhered to, to ensure success.  We cannot be responsible for lawns that do not receive proper cultural care or sustain rabbit damage.