Tree and Shrub Care

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Denver and its surrounding area are so green with trees and shrubs and turf grass that it’s easy to forget we live in a high plains desert. This landscape environment often causes our trees and shrubs to suffer loss of vigor due to over or under watering, mechanical damage (e.g., lawnmower, construction), poor or compacted soil just to name a few. As a result, our trees and shrubs occasionally need help fighting nutrient chlorosis (yellowing leaves), aphids, pine scale, boring insects, fungus, bacterial blights, and mites.

We offer a prescription tree service. In this day of disease and insect resistance, we believe in using custom evaluations and carefully-selected products and approaches to treat the right problem for each tree and shrub in as an environmentally and economically-friendly a way as possible.

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Tree and Soil Injections

We inject directly into the vascular system through the bark with little or no negative impact to the tree or our environment. There are new soil injection systemics that reach and protect shrubs and the trunk and crown of the tree quicker than ever.

Micro Nutrient Fertilization

We can inject the soil or micro-inject into most trees. Let us support your tree’s natural defense system with the micro-nutrient building blocks it needs in order to have health and vigor. 


Insect Problems

As the weather gets warmer, insects can become a problem for our plants. Plants have natural defenses that allow for a limited amount of pests. When the health of the tree declines or the landscape is negatively impacted (excessive sap), it’s time that Lawn And Tree Solutions By Growing Green has a look around. We will assess your landscape plants, educate you, and give an accurate diagnosis. We will use the most advanced products and technologies to treat and protect your trees against aphids, bark beetles, borers, leaf miners, soft and hard scale, anthracnose, powdery mildew, saw fly, oak/maple looper, and more.

Tree Spraying

Horticultural Oil, or Dormant Oil, is an organic, effective way of controlling spider mites, aphids, white fly, powdery mildew and other difficult pests. Highly refined mineral oil breaks down rapidly and does not negatively impact our environment. This is most effective in late fall and early spring before bud break.

Maintenance Service

If you are looking for a company to come by four times a year and spray your entire yard with “something” then we are probably not your company. However, if you would like a consultation and custom plan on how we can help you and your trees and shrubs and the best time of year to address specific problems, please call us today!