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If customer service alone treated lawns, than ours would be the best in the neighborhood!! This is a thank you for exceptional customer service and empathy!! Jeff Spiker was outstanding - extremely personable, friendly with the "obnoxious" dogs, and empathetic towards me. Jamie in the office was extremely knowledgeable regarding available services and what they entailed. She too was exceedingly pleasant on the phone and sympathetic regarding my "journey!" YOU ROCK!

I am completely satisfied with your service! All of the people I have dealt with from your company are very nice! Thank You.

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate and value the service that I am getting from Growing Green. When I bought my house I was told by one lawn service that I should dig it up and relay new sod. After putting in my sprinkler system and having you service my lawn for a year it is healthy and green. Not only do I enjoy it again, but it cost me much less to use Growing Green than it would have to re-sod it.

I am writing you to let you know how happy we are with your services! We moved into a new home 2 years ago and immediately started using your lawn services to help our lawn stay green, keep the weeds out, and use less water. Well, we have seen the results that we were looking for with your services! Some of my neighbors are using other companies to come out to service their lawns and I can tell you that my lawn and my neighbor's lawn (who use you as well) had the greenest best looking lawns on the block during the last two summers! Your staff is very polite and informative. It's truly a learning experience when they come out. They don't just apply product and run! They explain what they are doing and answer all of my questions! Your prices are very competitive, and hopefully my neighbors will soon wise up and use you as well! I will refer you to all of my neighbors and friends! Thanks again for such great service, and we look forward to many more years with you!!!!

"My lawn looks 99% better after using your lawn service. Thanks so much!"

We've used Growing Green for about 25 years and have been VERY pleased with them! Always very helpful, friendly and have kept our yard looking very good even though our whole neighborhood's grass has been infected with ring spot. I highly recommend Growing Green for your use in the future!!