Noxious Weed Management

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Noxious weeds are invasive, non-native plants.  They disrupt the ecosystem, displace native plants and don’t allow other plants to grow. They can have negative impacts on wildlife and even tax our precious and limited Colorado water resources.

We are a premier provider with nearly 30 years of experience to help you control noxious weeds on your property including small acreage, industrial, schools, government, reclamation companies, and commercial land along the central Front Range.

Our Five Step Process:

  1. Identify the target weed species on your site
  2. Recommend an integrated pest management plan based on the use of your site and the state’s required level of control
  3. Time the multiple herbicid applications for maximum effect, while doing the least harm to the desirable plants.
  4. Provide records of the treatments used
  5. Monitor the situation and follow up because recovering from a weed infestation will likely take multiple years of targeted control

*The products we use are EPA approved and deemed safe for use in rangeland and industrial settings.

We work closely with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, CSU extension services and the Colorado Weed Management Association to comply with all regulations and Colorado Noxious Weed Laws.

Did you know that one Knapweed plant contains 25,000 seeds and each seed can remain viable in the soil for up to 8 years?  Don’t let propagation happen.

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