Lafayette Lawn and Tree Services

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Businesses and residents alike in Lafayette, Colorado rely on Growing Green for all their lawn and tree growth solutions. Why? Because we offer customized solutions to all your lawn and tree care needs to make sure your property is a place you can be proud to live and work on for years to come. Our dedication to making your lawn look its best is one of the reasons why we’ve been one of the most trusted landscaping services businesses in the Lafayette region.

Tree Services

Tree/Soil Injection: Growing Green utilizes state-of-the-art injection techniques to combat tree pests and problems right in into the vascular system of each tree —no more messy canopy spraying

Micro-Nutrient Fertilization: Our specialized micro-nutrient fertilization gives your trees a natural defense system with building blocks it needs in order to  maintain health and vigor.

Insect Problems: Our team utilizes the most advanced products and technologies to treat and protect your trees against aphids, bark beetles, borers, leaf miners and other invasive pests native to the area. 

Tree Spraying: Growing Green utilizes an organic effective way of controlling spider mites, aphids, white fly, powdery mildew and other difficult pests.

Maintenance Service: Work with our team to create a customized maintenance plan to shape and fertilize your trees and shrubs for each season.

Lawn Services

Waterwise Program: Our exclusive 5 Step WaterWise fertilizer is an organic based, slow-release fertilizer made out of dehydrated poultry waste. 

Traditional Fertilizer Services & Program: Year round fertilizer program and services offered. 

Organic Based Fertilization Program: Organic based year round fertilizer program and services for your lawn.

Revive Dog Spots: Growing Green utilizes a proprietary formula to treat brown spots caused by pet waste, fertilizer burn, soil compaction and heat and drought stress.

Revive Brand Soil Conditioner:  Organic based treatments proven to increase water usage efficiency by wetting the soil deeper and allowing your lawn to conserve more water between irrigations.

Fiesta Organic Based Weed Control: Fiesta is a mineral based bio-herbicide created to control a wide variety of common, broadleaf turf weeds, when applied in accordance with the labeled instructions.

Liquid Rake Dethatching: Liquid Rake is a non-invasive 12 -week alternative to keep your lawn strong and healthy. 

Lawn Aeration: Our lawn aeration services can greatly inhibit the flow of water, air and nutrient uptake to your grass —helping to make it the best it's ever looked and felt. 

Weed Control: Control weeds with save, organic products that won't harm pets, children or other plants. Our mineral-based bio-herbicide created to control a wide variety of common, broadleaf turf weeds.

Power Seeding: Have a patchy lawn? Growing Green can mechanically incorporate grass seed into existing lawns that may have thin areas, too much shade, disease problems or suffer from heavy traffic.

Disease & Insect Treatments: Growing Green doesn't just service your property —we are always on the lookout for problems that may affect it down the road. That means you aren't just hiring a team of tree and lawn expert —you're hiring a new friend in the business.

Rangeland Weed Control Services: We are the premier provider of noxious weed control spraying services in Colorado.

Additional Services

Snow Removal: Commercial and residential 24 hour service! Keep your sidewalks, driveways, and walkways clear this winter with professional help.

Professional Holiday Lighting: If you are looking for an amazing holiday display but don't have the time to do it yourself? Call Lawn & Tree Solutions for a professional lit holiday display at your house. You will be the talk of the neighorhood!