The Growing Green Exclusive WaterWise Program

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Our exclusive 5 Step WaterWise fertilizer is an organic based, slow-release fertilizer made out of dehydrated poultry waste. It's non-burning and can be applied without watering it in. WaterWise contains a patented wetting agent that is guaranteed to help water penetrate our tough clay soils. In addition, our exclusive WaterWise fertilizer also contains mycorrhiaze. These are beneficial soil-borne micro-organisms that attach to the root systems of plants and allow root to absorb more nutrients and water. This will help your grass more efficiently utilize available water and lower your water bill. It all combines to create a stronger, healthier more drought tolerant lawn.  Liquid broadleaf weed control is also included with each application.  Winter spider mite treatment.  FREE curative disease and insect treatments (excluding Winter Spider Mite spray).