The Colorado Organic Package

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Colorado Organic Package

Our highly effective, annual Colorado Organic Package is now available using an exclusively organic approach. It is designed to accurately and effectively “feed the soil” to promote the growth of beneficial organisms within the soil profile.  Overtime, this strengthens and adds life and richness to your lawn. Proper cultural practices are a must in establishing a healthy, strong lawn. Mowing height, sharp mower blades and a consistent watering schedule must be adhered to, to ensure success.  We cannot be responsible for lawns that do not receive proper cultural care or sustain rabbit damage.

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  • Spring aeration
  • Improve color
  • Lawn insects
  • Slow release fertilizer
  • Weed control in rock and mulch areas
  • Organic based fertilizer 
  • Preventative grub control
  • Weed control in turf areas
  • Improving overall soil conditions 
  • Spider mite treatment
  • All organic weed control
  • Fall aeration
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